Saturday, April 18, 2009

Assignment 6 - Storybook

Tamus the Hippo

Synopsis: Tamus (a play on the word hippopotamus) is a friendly hippopotamus whose self-esteem took a blow when he got rejected by other animals due to his large size. A kind-hearted sheep Shebee befriended him when she saw him crying.

Tamus faced a test of courage one day when a hungry wolf cornered his only friend. Despite trembling with fear, he went to Shebee’s rescue and scared away the wolf. The other animals then finally saw Tamus’ true value beyond his appearance.

Activity Pages: Do you know?
To share nuggets of factual information about the 2 main characters.

Sticker Page:
For the children to recreate the scene using their imagination.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Assignment 5 - Postcard

Theme: Your notion of colourful Asia.

I chose to do Asian food to depict its vibrant culture.



Colour schemes corresponding to taste: